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Are these shows to niche for my station?

Actually, they attract a much broader audience than you may initially think. They are specifically designed to promote their activities by presenting programs focused on the lifestyle and adventure travel.  There is enough content to draw in those passionate about the activity. However, it’s really targeted at those people who have always wanted to go boating, diving, and flying. We bet you know a few. Think Jimmy Buffett…and you’ll understand how broad and lucrative our target audience truly is.

How do we make money?

This is where the niche aspects of our programs play to your advantage. There are boating, diving and aviation businesses in every US market. (Ever notice a boat show in your city?) Their radio marketing options are generally limited to broad brush advertising campaigns. However, our shows give you the capability to spotlight the specific radio listening audience they desire. What media buyer wouldn’t love that?

Who do we specifically approach for local show sponsorship?

Obvious sponsors are dive centers, boat dealerships, and local airports/flight schools. However, here are some others you may not have considered that are an excellent fit for our programs:

Beer/Rum companies (Island themed)
Corona, Land Shark, Red Stripe, Captain Morgan
Seafood-island themed restaurants
Bahama Breeze, Joes Crab Shack, Captain Ds
Bottled water companies
(Divers need clear, clean water…for diving and to stay hydrated)
Hotel chains (with locations in popular diving areas/marinas)
Marriot, Hilton, Time Share Resorts
Auto dealerships (rugged outdoor models)
Jeep, Range Rover, Pick-ups for towing/gear
Sporting good retailers
Dicks, Sports Authority, Outdoor World, Gander Mountain
Rental Car companies

While cash is always king, consider the excellent trade opportunities our shows can bring to your station. Exotic dive trips, discover flights, and scuba lessons have a very broad appeal for your listeners. Plus they’re easy to flip into money making opportunities. Give us a call…we’re happy to help!

What makes these shows so special?

The hosts have over 30 years radio experience and are joined weekly by experts from around the world. It’s not uncommon for us to broadcast from our Orlando studios one week and then be on-location in Fiji the next! Read the full story here.

These are not just “ask the expert” shows. High production value spiked with a bit of irreverence is used to expose radio listeners to the adventure of boating, diving, and flying. We consistently receive comments from those who listen purely for entertainment value alone.

Plus we provide the same amount of local avails as every other radio network. So why just fill airtime with general network talk when you could air unique-targeted programming and generate new revenue streams for your station?

Check out the ScubaRadio DEMO

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Check out the Just Plane Radio DEMO

What additional support do you provide?

We can provide graphics, promos, liners, sponsorship suggestions, remote broadcasts, and national exposure for local advertisers. Call your station affiliate representative at Radio America (703-302-1000) or feel free to contact us directly at Overboard Entertainment, Inc. (407-679-4658). We’re here to ensure your success with ScubaRadio, World of Boating and Just Plane Radio.

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