World of Boating Promos

World of Boating Promos :30
(with :05 open end for local station tag)

Download: WOB-Promo_Yachty

Download: WOB-Promo_WinePeople

Download: WOB-Promo_Wife

Download: WOB-Promo_WaxingBoat

Download: WOB-Promo_Sydney

Download: WOB-Promo_RustySellsBoat

Download: WOB-Promo_MetricSystem

Download: WOB-Promo_GreatLakes

Download: WOB-Promo_ForThoseAboutToBoat

Download: WOB-Promo_Festival

Download:  WOB-Promo_ByMySeft

Download: WOB-Promo_Stupidweek (More time for tag :07)

Download: WOB-Promo_SharkShirt (More time for tag :08)

Just right click on any of the above links and “save target as” to download the MP3 files of these promos to your computer!

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